Dec 7, 2010

MCVRC Hiring Web Developer/Content Manager

The Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. (MCVRC) seeks a Web Developer/Content Manager. The position is a full-time, salaried employee of the MCVRC and reports to the Director of Special Grants, Senior Project Director of the National Identity Theft Victim’s Networks Hub.

About the Identity Theft Networks Project
On October 1, 2010, MCVRC began a cooperative agreement with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) to create and serve a National Identity Theft Victims’ Network Hub (HUB) to facilitate up to nine sub-awards creating and supporting regional or statewide coalitions to assist victims of identity theft through a network. The HUB’s coalitions will assist victims of identity theft by encouraging the expansion of existing victim service programs to improve the responses to victims of identity theft.

The Web Developer/Content Manager will function as an integral part of the Identity Theft Networks Team at MCVRC, working closely with the Project Director, Project Coordinator, and subject matter expert consultants to receive and collaboratively create useful content for the coalitions around the country. The Web Developer/Content Manager will also work with the assistance of the IT Coordinator on website development, and will have primary leadership responsibility for designing content for coalition websites and training coalitions on social media and outreach strategy via the web.

Education & Experience
This position requires completion of a Bachelor’s Degree which included formal education on web content management and design and two years prior web content management and design experience. Experience working with nonprofit organizations is preferred but not required.

Skills & Expertise
The Web Developer/Content Manager must possess demonstrated skills and expertise in:

1. Communication: The incumbent must possess excellent written and oral communication skills in order to effectively communicate with a wide variety of staff regarding the publication of information on the web. The ability to correspond openly and directly, to listen carefully, diffuse and negotiate conflicts, cooperate as a responsible team player, and elicit and apply technical information is essential.
4. Training: This position must have the knowledge and ability to conduct effective webinars.
5. Social Media: This position must have the ability to conduct effective social networking efforts and teach the coalitions to manage a social media strategy.
2. Task Management: The position serves as the primary custodian of content available on the various coalition websites. Managing this volume of content will require that the incumbent be able to juggle a number of tasks simultaneously, often under significant time pressure.
3. Computer Technology: The incumbent must have knowledge and understanding of the methods and techniques of designing content for the web. This includes in-depth knowledge and skill using computer-based graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop; web site design, development and management tools such as Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, or Home Site; and web technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Dublin Core metadata and XML. Experience with equipment such as scanners, digital cameras, and presentation equipment is also required.

Responsibilities & Tasks:
The Web Developer/Content Manager will develop Internet resources and materials for one (1) Network Hub website and up to nine (9) coalition websites for each of the statewide and regional networks to help expand the outreach and capacity of victim service programs to better address the rights and needs of victims of identity theft.

This task involves gathering information from multiple sources, (including victims’ services organizations, legal services, law enforcement, prosecution, administrative and regulatory agencies), in both electronic and printed format. This material must then be revised, edited, and integrated to create user-friendly web pages. This process includes the following tasks:

A. Perform image manipulation tasks such as creating thumbnails, file format conversion and simple image edits (e.g. removing red eye).
B. Maintain directory structure for files and images.
C. Incorporate links, table of contents and other web functionality into PDF documents.
D. Ensure that all web content is accompanied by at least minimal metadata.
E. Serve as first point of contact for website queries by staff and the general public.
F. Ensure website accessibility with mobile devices.
G. Edit and proofread content to ensure that all information posted is accurate.
H. Enhance page interactivity as necessary using Javascript.
I. Review website content periodically using web analytics such as Webtrends to:
a. Identify broken links and/or missing images.
b. Assess the usability of the pages, making recommendations for change as appropriate.
c. Test compatibility with current browsers.
d. Review content and design to meet ADA guidelines.
J. Pro-actively work to identify content in need of update.
K. Identify opportunities and productivity tools necessary to maintain the high quality of websites.
L. Work with the Project Coordinator and the IT Coordinator to successfully host A2J guided interviews and HotDocs for identity theft victims.
M. Develop trainings for coalition sites as well as instruct them one-on-one in use of internet resources, social media, and other outreach strategies via phone and webinar.
N. Develop and administer training satisfaction surveys.
O. Develop and/or modify web training materials as necessary.

Working conditions:
• Work weeks are 5 days, Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day.
• This position is located in the Upper Marlboro office at 1001 Prince George’s Blvd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 although some travel may be necessary.

How to Apply:
Applicants should submit their resume and a portfolio and/or a list of links to websites applicant has designed as an attachment via email ONLY to Please use the subject line: “Web Developer/Content Manager.” Also, we welcome you to see our website for details about our organization's mission: Deadline to apply is December 15, 2010.