Jun 25, 2010

MCVRC seeking IT Coordinator Position

Position Filled


Information Technology Coordinator

The Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. is seeking a dynamic, organized, mature individual to fill the position of Information Technology (IT) Coordinator. The position is currently an employee of the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. (MCVRC) and reports directly to the Director of Special Grants.

This position is grant funded; duties and responsibilities as well as part-time or full-time status are contingent upon both the availability and composition of grant funds.

Duties & Responsibilities MAY include the following, depending on composition of grant allocations:

• This position is responsible for providing in-house technical and network support to MCVRC staff. This position has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all office hardware and software are running smoothly, up-to-date, and installed properly.

• Review and complete virus protection subscriptions and scans on a scheduled basis.

• Monitor staff computer usage on an ongoing and as requested by the Executive Director basis to ensure compliance with MCVRC written technology usage policy.

• Set up and train new hires in the usage of email, the case management database, the online intake process, the proper usage of document assembly in CMS, and the proper usage of the shared drives. Create a “new hires” technology protocol for training and setup (PowerPoint, training binder, etc).

• Label, track, and monitor all office technology equipment (printers, computers, etc) with labels indicating the grants funding the equipment and the time periods of funding. Keep this information on the shared drive. Communicate staff equipment needs to the Director of Special Grants, who will provide notice of funding availability when new purchases are possible. Accordingly, price and order new equipment, and re-assign leftover equipment appropriately and in accordance with the regulations of grants and permission of the Director of Special Grants.

• This position has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all MCVRC staff are well trained and feel properly equipped to use hardware and software. To this end, the IT Coordinator will ensure that he or she receives any new training necessary, and subsequently develops training programs for staff. Trainings may be delivered on an as-needed basis with the approval of the supervisor via brown bag luncheon; required in-house trainings during staff time; power point or online webinars staff can review at any time; or through the retention of outside trainers where approved and appropriate.

• Facilitate upload of content to internet social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, the organization’s website, and news blog. This position has ultimate responsibility for technical maintenance of the organization’s social media presence. Content and social media strategy will be delivered by MCVRC staff. Monitor website hits, Facebook Page and Causes friends, Twitter followers (follow all real accounts back, and use Friend or Follow to drop any non-strategically important account which drops us) & report quarterly on these internet stats to directors for grant reports & general knowledge.

• Coordinate a process of revamping the entire agency website’s design, structure, and content. Solicit guidance and feedback throughout the process from directors by scheduling progress meetings to ensure each program’s needs are met in the new design and structure and that the website presents an image and information in accordance with the wishes of the board and directors.

• Provide timely technical assistance and remote support to any subgrantees of MCVRC when applicable.

• Analyze data and create customized reports for Directors with the organization’s Case Management System using Crystal Reports for purposes of grant reporting and analysis and performance review.

• Other responsibilities as directed will be assigned. These, as well as time dependent tasks, will be assigned on an ongoing basis through a technology request ticket system, monitored and prioritized according to need and in accordance with supervisor. Major revisions in job scope or availability of hours will be reviewed as they arise with supervisor and this document will be amended accordingly.

Job Requirements and Preferences include:

• Two-year degree in Computer Science or related field required; four-year degree preferred. No exemptions accepted. Please be clear in your resume as to your last diploma attained.

• Experience with networks, network maintenance, and troubleshooting is required.

• Experience with case management software is preferred.

• Experience in providing IT assistance to nonprofit organizations, and knowledge of the unique needs of nonprofit organizations is preferred.

• A high level of proficiency and comfort in new technologies (such as free online tools), and the ability and desire to monitor emerging trends, is required.

• The ability to absorb information quickly and troubleshoot for and train staff members of varying technological comfort levels is required. Communication skills and patience will be necessary.

• The ability to perform all of the duties and responsibilities listed above.

How to Apply:

Applicants should submit their resume and cover letter as ONE attachment via email ONLY to jobs@mdcrimevictims.org. Also, we welcome you to see our website for details about our organization's mission: www.mdcrimevictims.org.