Feb 12, 2012

Calling All Maryland Attorneys! Support MCVRC and its Thirty Years of Commitment to Crime Victims! On- Line Contribution!
Maryland Crime Victim’s Resource Center (MCVRC) is a grass roots nonprofit organization born in Maryland almost thirty years ago. Founded by parents of a crime victim, it has provided ongoing services to all state crime victims through the generous support from public and private supporters. To commemorate our 30th year, you can lend your support.
When you file your Pro Bono and IOLTA reports before the February 15th deadline, you can designate an on line gift to MCVRC. Your donation will make a difference. At present MCVRC has appeals filed in the Court of Special Appeals concerning restitution issues for victims in several counties. MCVRC provides legal representation to victims of all types of crimes including homicide, assault, domestic violence, child victims, identity theft, bullying, kidnapping, and elder crimes. Cuts in both federal and state funding have made support and legal services less available to our client population. Any contribution made to our agency will assist victims with their specific needs.
When filing your reports at www.mdcourts.gov click the link to make an online contribution. Thanks for your commitment to victims of crime who need all the support and commitment we can provide.