Mar 31, 2011

Special Legislative Alert: HB 135 & HB 801

Special Legislative Alert

Earlier this month, the Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center, Inc. distributed its first quarter newsletter which included a request to contact members of the House of Delegates. Our thanks to those who contacted House legislators. Two of our 2011 legislative priorities have passed the House and are now in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. (JPR) We now need you to contact Senator Frosh and members of JPR as set forth below so that Maryland legislators hear the importance of victims’ rights and compensation.

As Stephanie Roper said – “One Person Can Make A Difference and Every Person Should Try.” Your email, phone call, and fax can make the difference and we need you to urge support of these two bills:

1. House Bill 135 – This bill raised court costs for offenders and uses these funds to assist innocent victims of crimes for the economic impact of crime. Criminal injuries compensation is the payer of last resort if there is no other entity to cover the financial losses to the victim or the victim’s family as a consequence of crime.

2. House Bill 801 – This bill creates enforcement of victims’ rights particularly related to restitution. Under the bill, judges will be required to ensure that victims receive their rights. In addition if a judge denies or fails to consider restitution at a sentencing, a victim may within 30 days after sentencing request that the trial court order restitution.

As the last day of the legislative session is April 11, please contact Senator Frosh to bring the bills for a vote and that he and members of JPR ASAP to urge that HB135 and HB 801 receive a favorably vote. Contact info:

Thank you for your consideration and anticipated action.


Roberta and Vince Roper, Founders

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